Life or something like that…


L is ofor Life ….Has our Life become a statistic or has the statistic taken over our Life. Myraid questions doubts fears take over your mind as a cancer parent. It s been a month since that faterful day. In life we have defining watershed moments and for now that is mone . Life before the Lword and life now. In a month that other Life the momorry has dimmed and faded .Was there that time when this shadow dod not cling to my baby. When she laughed with abandon and ran with wond was she chased butterflies …when her bright eyes lit up with every new adventure from her first steps ,words … everywhere a new discovery…

L is for Lonely …. I walk through the grocery store. Strangers greet me with smiles. I smile back. I wonder what they see. A woman walking through the grocery store. Surrounded by humaity and yet the isolation is hard to describe.

L is for Leukemia….  I take heart to place where it doesnt feel, it doesnt hurt, it isnt overwhelemed .Then I pull myself from that place and make my self get on with Life . Numbness is good. Before any painful procedure doctors anaesthetisize tha pain . So in Life the himan mind seeks numbess. I let things people say with all good intentions or any intention slip by me. I let actions that are hurtful spiteful slid by me. Dumbness is good. Numb and dumb my new mantra ….

L is for Love… Love does truimph everything. She’s sleeping with her baby lips smiling. I stroke her soft hair and she snuggles up against my hand. I check on the my babies and my heart smiles and I am grateful for this moment …


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